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fall or diminish

change from a waking to a sleeping state

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The first Gazette notice on pick up and drop off points within the CBD was published in May 2000 and the second one in May 2017.
City of Quitman Local Government Curbside & Drop Off
She said they are safe drop off points, which are often businesses that keep the mail in a secure place until it is collected.
Local residents can drop off items at either of Houlihan/Lawrence's Yorktown offices, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m.
Liverpool John Lennon Airport has two pick-up/drop-off car parks, the Express Drop Off & Pick Up car park, where it is PS3 for 20 minutes, and the newer Drop Off 2 car park - a 10-minute walk from the terminal - which is free for up to 40 minutes and PS10 for two hours.
HUDDERSFIELD Parish Church held its first monthly drop off for refugees over the weekend.
A RECYCLING company wants shoppers to drop off their unwanted clothes before buying any more.
by Rufuscat I am a regular visitor to the airport and am always amazed that this facility can have the cheek to charge for a passenger drop off. I agree that maybe a 20-minute free drop off would be far better than a rip-off of pounds 1 for 15mins.
PLANS: Newcastle Airport's current drop off point and the new proposal CHANGES: The free drop-off point at Newcastle Airport is being replaced by an Express car park
Clore said he is looking into putting in a permeant drop-off box, so citizens can drop off their medications year round.
The cost of the application is PS30 for 12 months and will allow one free pick up and drop off per day.
Eventually, they found somewhere to drop off the folk who then had to struggle to the Empire.