drop down

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Synonyms for drop down

fall or descend to a lower place or level

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Click on the Betas tab, and from the drop down select beta -- Skyrim Beta
The drop down of the balance 25% stake in EMH would take place later in this year.
The BN4845 series has the proven design of sturdy, structural foam panels and drop down doors, and combines that technology with an equally-strong, injection-molded, two-piece welded base.
In a very large 60-plus drop down, Canadians squared off in the final with Ivan Elliott beating Wayne Amminson.
As for Saturday, temperatures will drop down to be around seasonal average, bringing the weather to be moderate in most areas and relatively hot in the Jordan valley and Aqaba .
Sordell, 22, is also out favour at the Reebok and could be forced to drop down to League One for first-team football.
This is the opinion of lifelong fan John Unitt who doesn't care if the Sky Blues have to drop down lower than the Conference - if it means seeing the back of current owners Sisu.
In the Cedars, temperatures score a high of 5 degrees and then drop down to 10 degrees Celsius.
Constructed of sturdy, structural foam panels and drop down doors atop an injection-molded, two-piece welded base, the BN4845 bulk box is lightweight.
A drop down menu bar has been added and will appear under the Google logo.
com)-- Drop Down Deals LLC, creators of the simple, complete and free downloadable browser add-on that aggregates all available coupons to save consumers time and money when shopping online, has launched its “Countdown to the Holidays Sweepstakes,” allowing new and loyal Facebook fans to qualify for daily prizes.
Thrill seekers drop down the slide into a stomach-turning loop-de-loop.
With Albion now guaranteed a top-flight return, Thomas is pleased he took the gamble to drop down a level.
The officials of the Meteorological department have forecast that on account of the snowfall witnessed in the upper reaches of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir, the mercury will drop down further in the upcoming days.
10 Windsor SP forecast 8-15 Connections had every right to drop down to 5f after her encouraging debut over 6f at Salisbury, as they were chasing the loot in the Weatherbys Super Sprint at Newbury.