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Appearing to hang on a wall in an illusionistically rendered space, they drop away behind what appears to be an abstract sculpture based on a plantlike motif called a "hennling" (hence the painting's title, which translates as "flower still life") sitting on a table in the foreground.
Other notable features include a fully adjustable trigger, easy-to-see cocking indicator and drop away floorplate.
It is a special moment when the pressures of the day drop away.
But make no mistake, I know enough about Everton to know they could easily drop away and finish mid-table.
He explains statistics show that of all the people who try skiing, 85 per cent drop away saying it is too hard and only 15 per cent become converted and remain skiing.
If you have to deviate from your goal pace by more than eight to ten seconds per mile, it will be important to drop away from that pack.
The machined UHMW gate is then free to drop away from the pan, allowing easy access to all of the contacting surfaces.
One may drop away, but it looks as if it could be a race right to the wire.
Riffs slip quietly into the mix, then detonate, and power chords slam into the foreground, then drop away like trapdoors.
TWO water agencies have come up with an environmentally friendly plan to squeeze more water for their customers out of the Colorado River without taking a drop away from anyone else.
Now as I watch the progress of the plague/The friends surrounding me fall sick, grow thin/and drop away," he writes in "The Missing.
If we could know these hidden variables, the problems would drop away, and the quantum world would reveal itself to be as precise and objective as the classical world.
a leading provider of hot and cold aisle containment systems for the data center, today announced the general availability of the PolarPlex[TM] overhead Drop Away Panel for hot and cold aisle containment systems.
You'll also find full-containment rests that cradle the arrow and don't drop away, making them easy to tune and reliable due to a lack of moving parts.
This containment drop away rest features tool-less adjustment and a pre-installed launcher silencer.