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Synonyms for drooping

weak from exhaustion


Related Words

hanging down (as from exhaustion or weakness)

Related Words

having branches or flower heads that bend downward

References in classic literature ?
She followed him, droopingly and reluctant; for all the glow and sparkle was gone out of her figure; and whereas just before she had resembled a bright, frosty, star-gemmed evening, with a crimson gleam on the cold horizon, she now looked as dull and languid as a thaw.
Here, conveniently and heathfully elevated above the level of the living, were the dead, and the tombstones; some of the latter droopingly inclined from the perpendicular, as if they were ashamed of the lies they told.
Our own Noel Coward seems droopingly foppish in comparison.
With a limp screenplay, lacking in sprightly moments, this film is droopingly dull and horribly bland.
So still the waves of parted, shadowy hair From thy clear brow flow'd droopingly away