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Well into middle age now, rail thin, and apparently suffering from a slight speech impediment, Kurtz has retained her drollness and comic timing but appears weirdly out of place among her more conventional-looking colleagues.
Dongpo was famous for his drollness, and his personal life, together with his literary achievements, was full of anecdotes of drama and fun.
Still, the twosome solve a lot of crimes, and the chemistry between Pullman's over-the-top zaniness and Stiller's'restrained drollness works pretty well in this offbeat buddy film.
Lady Mary Wortley deserves a prize for drollness for departing with the words 'it has all been very interesting'.
Thomas's narrative is interspersed with odd questions: 'Did he ever take his pipe from his mouth to smile, at the drollness of it all?
My hostess, with typical Cuban drollness, indicated a pile of what I had thought was reading material and said, "Look, we have plenty.
6) This is the immediate context of the works of John Collier, for, as the comic drollness may have made 'Tim Bobbin' the political caricaturist less threatening, so the dialect of the Lancashire 'clown' disarmed, deflecting attention from the voiced protest to the comic voice of the protester.
My point is that their surface drollness is as capable of masking a seriously-held intellectual premise as it is of sublimating emotional trauma(4) - and that premise concerns the historical construction of the self.
The disparity between the dire situation and their silly antics is the drollness on which the whole enterprise is founded.
Check out also the synth-driven drollness of Hideous Accident as David wishes an ex luck, wryly hoping her new man doesn't die in a hideous accident.
Craig, physically fine as a human killing machine but shed here of drollness or warmth, doesn't generate any onscreen heat with his putative femme lead, Kurylenko, who mostly looks as if she's wandered onto the set of the wrong film.
It was not in the Brahms that one looked and not in solitariness and not in the old sad poetry but--he wrung out his ear--but here, under your nose, here in the very curiousness and drollness and extraness of the iron and the bark that--he shook his head--that--" (332).
Early, long the best voice in Reprise's stable, is boyish and virile as Bill the director, and John Fleck is drollness personified as Margo's bitchy wardrobe man.
Moves gained dimension through Elizabeth Doud's prickly, sometimes facetious script, including rules of attraction fired off by Jennylin Duany with opera-diva authority and girl-prodigy drollness.
Sometimes in the room his customary low-key drollness would suddenly give way to bursts of inspired goofiness that struck me as both hilarious and incongruous, like a humanities professor interrupting his lecture on Middlemarch to show you his Porky Pig.