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Synonyms for drollery

Synonyms for drollery

a comic incident or series of incidents

a quaint and amusing jest


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There are no tightrope walkers to be seen here, no trapeze acts and drollery replaces the manic clowning which always lifted the circus.
Fans may lap up his latest but it sure ain't his finest hour, with Murray coasting on his usual deadpan drollery and a final act schmaltzy enough to make you lose your lunch.
And as to narrative wit, here's some drollery from the point of view of the novel's protagonist, Rebecca, as she leafs through a few French classics in heaven's library: "Page after page only bored her to death.
Dear reader, the tears are rolling down my cheeks in recollection of such drollery.
The person who can laugh peremptory, the person who can see the whole drollery and whole fun of life, illuminate among the laughing [6].
On the one hand you have the panto drollery of Aladdin's mother (the panto Widow Twankey delivered, as always, with superb aplomb by Marion Tait) and the OTT unreality of the wicked magician The Mahgrib ( danced superbly by IainMackay).
He discusses the bite of Leviathan: Thomas Hobbes and philosophic drollery, libertine wit and the Collier Stage controversy, the titans of wit, Shaftesbury and the gentility of wit, the trammels of Christian wit, and the hermeneutics of censorship and the crime of wit.
Subtle details, such as hilarious facial expressions, demonstrate the many fluctuations of mood, and the artful whimsy is in perfect harmony with the drollery of the text.
Collier writes: "unless much were left to the extemporaneous invention of the performer, or unless much has been omitted in the printed copy, which was inserted by the author in his manuscript, it is difficult at this time of day to discover in what the wit, if not the drollery, consisted.
This is because academic salaries fail to compete favourably with those in the private sector, therefore many universities are failing to attract highly qualified and suitable staff (Murray & Drollery, 2005).
Barrette knows how to play an overbearing mother with humor, but it's Flood's throwaway drunken drollery as Whitney that draws the most laughs.
The Female Critick; or, Letters in Drollery from Ladies to their Humble Servants (London, 1701), p.
And if the author fails to achieve the light, sardonic touch that animates the best books in this genre, that isn't to say his novel is unreadable or utterly lacking in drollery.
Okay, so the talking animals may be over the top; but for all its eccentric drollery, Martha Grimes's new Richard Jury mystery, The Black Cat, is a shrewd whodunit that plays on the facile assumptions we make about people based on their outward appearance.
Lord evokes all of this with an aggrieved drollery that makes the farfetched seem wholly believable.