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Synonyms for droll

Synonyms for droll

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comical in an odd or whimsical manner

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The primitive garb worn by this droll left all his nether man exposed to the biting blasts of the mountains.
I was going to say," continued Porthos, "that it is droll that we are never so slow as when we are in a hurry, and never make so much noise as when we wish to be silent.
Newman, unlike his companion, read the name with perfect gravity; all French names to him were equally droll.
In the midst of the gloom of the spiral staircase, he elbowed something which drew aside with a growl; he took it for granted that it was Quasimodo, and it struck him as so droll that he descended the remainder of the staircase holding his sides with laughter.
It was a funny room, of course, but not so funny as you might expect; there were droll things in it, but they did nothing funny, you could see that they were just waiting for Joey.
I introduced David, who offered his hand stiffly, but Joey, instead of taking it, put out his tongue and waggled it, and this was so droll that David had again to save himself by clapping his hand over his mouth.
For a time she enjoyed it, for it was all new to her, and the various pretty devices were very charming; but, by and by, that bitter weed, envy, cropped up again, and she could not feel happy to be left out in the cold, while the other girls were getting gay tissue-paper suits, droll bonbons, flowers, ribbons, and all manner of tasteful trifles in which girlish souls delight.
uttered, and the train in motion, Tom suddenly produced a knobby little bundle, and thrusting it in at the window, while he hung on in some breakneck fashion, said, with a droll mixture of fun and feeling in his face, "It 's horrid; but you wanted it, so I put it in to make you laugh.
Matters of a much more extraordinary kind are to be the subject of this history, or I should grossly mis-spend my time in writing so voluminous a work; and you, my sagacious friend, might with equal profit and pleasure travel through some pages which certain droll authors have been facetiously pleased to call
Calm is the bottom of my sea: who would guess that it hideth droll monsters!
Rebecca is a droll funny creature, to be sure; and those descriptions of the poor lady weeping for the loss of her beauty, and the gentleman "with hay-coloured whiskers and straw-coloured hair," are very smart, doubtless, and show a great knowledge of the world.
According to droll narrator Warwick Davis, there are versions of the Got Talent format in "over 67 countries".
It's all stomachchurningly unpleasant but there's an undercurrent of droll humour and Pat Healy, as Craig, makes for a sympathetic lead.
The Droll Yankees brand of bird feeders is proudly made in the USA and is sold through quality Lawn & Garden distributors for sale into independent retailers.
In a nutshell: Droll pop-culture satire, less persuasive romantic comedy in this tale of a has-been '80s New Wave musician trying to come up with a new hit.