drogue parachute

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a small parachute that pulls the main parachute from its storage pack

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a parachute used to decelerate an object that is moving rapidly

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5 feet long with giant tailfins, the stubby X-38 topped 500 mph before a drogue parachute opened, slowing it to about 60 mph.
Although the method of bringing them in remains classified, it seems likely that the Seal teams were LAPSEDed into the water LAPSEing (lowaltitude parachute extraction system) is a technique whereby men and equipment are pulled from the back of a low-flying C-130 aircraft by drogue parachute as the aircraft skims the water It seems that one four-man Seal team deploying from the aircraft in its rubber whaleboat was knocked unconscious by the impact on the water Thrown from the boat as it hit the water and weighed down with weapons and equipment, the men were dragged under and drowned.
Research in the spin tunnel also helped develop the drogue parachute system for the Stardust comet sample-return mission.
They are a primary element of the rocket's deceleration system, which also includes a pilot parachute and drogue parachute.
Hoffmann said "the expanded jet high speed, high altitude parachute recovery system will require only a small increase in weight to house drogue parachute as well as the computer logic to control the deployment sequence.
Once the ejection seat has cleared the aircraft's fuselage, pyrotechnic charges are electrically initiated by the Recovery Sequencer, which activates a drogue parachute (used to decelerate high speed ejections), stabilization rocket, divergence thruster, drogue parachute release, parachute deployment, and seat/aircrew separation events to effect a safe aircrew member recovery.
From the moment that a pilot decides to eject, this electronic marvel (located within the ejection seat) controls drogue and parachute deployment, separation of the seat from the pilot and separation from the drogue parachute.
From the three, two are drogue parachutes, which will be deployed at an altitude of 25,000 feet, and rest is a pilot parachute which is intended for deployment at approximately 9,500 feet.