drogue chute

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a parachute used to decelerate an object that is moving rapidly

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The drogue gun also would have fired the drogue chute through the canopy glass, and the time-release mechanism would have fired, deploying the parachute through the canopy.
Upon initiation the sequencer controls the timing of ejection events, such as drogue chute and parachute deployment to assure the crewmember the fastest and safest recovery possible.
Prior to the X-37 missions, Dryden will be conducting tests this summer with an X-37 mock-up to ensure the proper operation of a drogue chute system.
A drogue chute on the MALD deployed at 8,996 feet and a recovery chute deployed at 7,000 feet.
Before the 7,500-square-foot parafoil deployed, a drogue chute slowed the X-38 from 600 to 60 mph.
An 80-foot drogue chute deployed the X-38's 7,500-square-foot parafoil, which steered the aircraft to a soft landing after an approximately 10-minute flight.