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wet with light rain


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That could leave Teesside almost as hot as drizzly Majorca, which is expected to be 12C on the same day.
9 (Petra)- Temperatures are set to heat up few degrees starting Saturday and over the next two days, after a week of patchy weather and drizzly mornings, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said.
Expect a drizzly New Year, especially in northern Luzon and in Mindanao, courtesy of the northeast monsoon and a low pressure area outside the Philippine area of responsibility, respectively.
TWO late Ampthill tries took the game away from Coventry in a tight forward tussle on a dull and drizzly afternoon.
In a post yesterday he said: "A few more #Lonely-Bouquets out to brighten some peoples drizzly wet day.
Drizzly rain and hill snow would gradually ease and fade as brighter, drier weather develops from the east.
We've had drizzly stuff, but it's not really drying weather," said Osgood.
CORRIE stars Catherine Tyldesley and Kym Marsh said cobbles to the drizzly weather last night as they glammed up to switch on Manchester's Christmas lights.
W have plain glas whe you have stun pink ting one Nex price PS1| This Tutti Frutti picnicware will brighten up any drizzly picnic and the range from Sainsbury's starts at PS1.
Despite the drizzly conditions, crowds lined both sides of the river to capture the first glimpse of the stunning ship.
com, a service where busy parents can find vetted childcare, or Drizzly, which offers alcohol delivery directly to consumer's homes, are breaking the mold of traditional brick and mortar stores and testing the limits of liability exposures.
It appeared a smart move by all concerned with a much improved forecast for tomorrow compared to the damp, drizzly conditions of yesterday.
On one particular drizzly Tuesday, the crowdnicknamed the "Ladineros"was thinner than usual.
The 35-year-old, who's been running since she was 11 and is now setting her sights on the Glasgow games in a fortnight, said: "It's been a little bit drizzly, with a bit of wind, but if it hadn't it would have been too humid, which kills you.
DRIZZLY weather did not dampen the spirits of thousands of keen runners who took part in the region's marathon.