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a license authorizing the bearer to drive a motor vehicle

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Almost a million driving licences were lost by British drivers in the last year, according to latest figures released today by the DVLA.
We have no backlog of new driving licences in Lagos State.
People will be able to access information pertaining to their driving licences via a mobile app.
Expats who currently have ten-year driving licences will have to renew them only after the expiry of their currently issued licences.
However, Omani drivers who earn six or less black points during the probation period will obtain a 10-year driving licence.
Julia Northend, 53, of Roseneath Avenue, Stockton, fined PS220, driving licence endorsed with three points, ordered to pay PS85 costs, and PS22 in charges for speeding.
The applicant should go in person to where a driving licence can be renewed, or use the online service.
For the first time, driving in the opposite lane on motorways and high-speed roads a a case of reckless driving increasingly taking place of Bulgarian motorways - will be punishable by fines of up to BGN 4,000 and cancellation of the driving licence for up to six months for repeat offenders.
The driving licence is an important official document which is used both here and abroad.
Since June 8 the paper counterpart, or an old-style paper driving licence cannot be relied upon to carry correct or up-to-date details about endorsements or categories of vehicle someone can drive.
Paper driving licences issued before the photo card was issued will remain valid and should not be destroyed.
a provision under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 under which habitual criminals can be disqualified from holding a driving licence, but it is not being used.
FOOTBALLER Cheick Tiote has pleaded not guilty to driving licence fraud offences.
He was also given three penalty points on his driving licence.
It is part of a broader package of measures (3rd EU Driving Licence Directive) coming into force designed to enhance free movement, tackle driving licence fraud and improve road safety across the EU.