driving force

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the act of applying force to propel something

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Driving Force, a division of gap, supplies drivers to more than 100 clients a day from sites in Bristol, Gloucester, Exeter, Hatfield, Ellesmere Port, Altrincham, Wakefield, Northampton and Stoke-on-Trent.
The intention is to establish Driving Force as a top-three labour provider in the driving sector by 2015.
A strong business ethic, rooted in the belief that the entrepreneurs are the driving force behind Canada's wealth creation, has shaped a corresponding lending policy.
Whether it's urging someone to grab breakfast or doing its best to sabotage a weight-loss diet, hunger is a driving force not easily ignored.
Katie Maxwell of Aztec was the driving force behind this program.
The announcement by Justice Minister Irwin Cotler describes Foote as "the driving force behind the Mission Family Support Network.
The League initiated this pilot project, designed to provide inmates, their children and caregivers resources and support, and was the driving force behind the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women's first "Families Rebuilding Families" Conference.
Staff at Benfield Motor Group's Accident Repair Centre have proved they are a driving force in the North East.
Journalistic sensationalism has become a driving force on daily news programs, each article vying for recognition and prominent placement within its venue.
Though far too individualistic to be labeled the Chicago School, Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind, and others at the Institute of Design made the city a driving force in avant-garde American photography.
She also was the driving force in DISAM's role in establishing web pages for DSCA and the Defense Institute of International Legal Studies, as well as the DISAM home page.
An AHCA spokesman told Nursing Homes that "the driving force behind the date for implementation should not be the artificial July 1 deadline.
And instead of using his age as an excuse to slow down, Burden "continues to be a driving force behind new landscape project development" at LSU, Odenwald says.
There was no driving force behind the projects, since they could always landfill spent sand.
Those sales, in turn, pumped up even more profits for products licensing Disney animated characters and, just as important, became the driving force for new rides and attractions at the company's theme parks.