driving force

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the act of applying force to propel something

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Through this work, PDK International and Driving Force Group believe schools and communities will be able to tackle factors that perpetuate institutional racism and achievement gaps so that black boys' experiences and outcomes in and out of school will be radically improved.
Effect of Three Controls (Camber Angle Control, Derivative Steering Assistance Control), and Inside-Outside Wheel Braking Force and Driving Force Control in Body Slip Angle Area," SAE Int.
The line-up of the band has changed since the 60s, but founder member and guitarist Paul Kantner is still the band's driving force
London is the huge driving force behind our recovery.
The Ali brothers were the driving force behind the Khilafat Movement, which was concerned with the fate of the Caliph in the Ottoman Empire, but got entwined with the merging mass-based struggle for Indian freedom from British rule, of which Gandhi was the driving force.
5m last year - will become part of gap's specialist driving division, Driving Force.
Gap Personnel, based in Wrexham, is creating five regional hubs across England in a multi-million pound boost to its Driving Force brand.
Summary: DUBAI - assessment for 2010, as part of the corporation's commitment to high performers and belief that they are the driving force behind enhancing a company's performance.
Vauxhall Motors has pledged to become a driving force behind football in the UK after completing a historic clean sweep of home association national sponsorships.
In partnership with the FAs, it is our intention to become a driving force behind football supporting the senior and grass roots game across the whole of the UK.
Summary: The promotion of SMEs, as a mechanism of jobs creation and development driving force is means to guard against the impacts of world financial crisis, assessed Wednesday in Algiers economists and experts in companies management.
BARRY HAYLES has been the driving force behind many of Plymouth's good results in 2007, and his suspension this afternoon will hit Argyle hard.
The features of Brother's lock stitchers encompass the direct drive system, which minimizes loss of driving force being transmitted to the mechanism.
The successful marriage of tradition with innovation has been the driving force behind BDC's success in assisting thousands of Canadian entrepreneurs for over 60 years.
Judy Wieder, the driving force behind editorial content and vision at LPI Media, left her position as corporate editorial director on March 22.