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any installation designed to accommodate patrons in their automobiles

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6% same-store sales decrease at franchise drive-ins and a 3.
Studying drive-in theatres and other liminal practices can serve to re-focus attention on to the interstices of film history.
The DIFF chooses to screen at family-owned drive-ins like the Delsea Drive-In to bring awareness to both independent films and a dying American tradition.
The company will exclusively use NEC Display NC3200S and NC3240S digital cinema projectors in this initiative to increase the number of drive-in theaters in the U.
Drive-in movie theater operators say more than 200 of the remaining 348 drive-ins in the country have made the expensive conversion from film to digital, which typically costs more than $70,000.
Drive-in theaters may have been all the rage in the 1950s, but most "ozoners" (as they were sometimes called) have since gone the way of the newsreel.
The 9,600 s/f property at 24 Ashburton Avenue in Yonkers features high ceilings, mezzanine offices, sprinklers, garage, loading dock and drive-in, and offers a river view.
Craven said it will take about three months to build the 28-stall car-hop drive-in, which will employ around 110 people.
A few months later, South Liverpool Housing did everyone with double gate drive-ins free of charge.
Only the one-time host of Foe Bob's Drive-In 'Theater and Monster-Vision could do full justice to the story of the auteur behind Mom and Dad, arguably the most successful exploitation film in history.
The Motor-Vu Drive-In Theater was supposed to be bulldozed this year to make way for a new Wal-Mart Super Center.
Here's a help-wanted sign you don't see every day: Sonic Drive-in on Broadway in Little Rock is seeking four skating carhops.
Work clothes and cleaning company Johnson Group is opening new US-style drive-in dry cleaning stores across the country this year.
This affectionate look back at a dying breed--the drive-in the-ater--is long on nostalgia, though short on substance.
Easy-to-Use HR Solution will Assist America's Drive-In Identify the Right Candidates and Reduce Employee Turnover