hard disk

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a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit

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Departmental allocation: Logical partitions by department allows different departments to use tape drive types and media that best suit their applications, as well as using their optimal backup software.
S Hose Clips Worm Drive Type To Suite 20Mm Od Rubber Hose For Pneumatic Application And To With Stand Working Pressure Of 10Kg/Sqcm.
S Clips For Hose Pipe Heavy Duty, Worm Drive Type, Tom Size 3/8 Make: Holden / Klipwel.
PriceGrabber enables car buyers to find the car of their choice by first identifying make, model, year and other features that are important to the buyer such as, price range, drive type, engine size, horse power and mileage.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Ser Element Drive Type Ga-160,8.
Tenders Are Invited For Heavy Duty Drive Type Optimizer Storage System 2 Nos
Tenders are invited for Set Of Cable Connection Cover Complete Each Set Consists Of One Cable Connection Cover And Worm Drive Type Two Clamp End Hose Clip To Drg.
The LRB 355 was equipped with the double rotary drive type DBA 300.
Tenders are invited for supply of centrifugal pump- horizontal magnetic drive type ( seal less )
The capacity of the K1 depends on the tape drive type, the number of slots in the library, customer data retention policies and amount of daily changed data.
As an incentive to encourage take-up of drive registration, ABB is offering six-month extended warranty comprising drive repair or replacement with labour covered for selected drive types.