drive home

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Synonyms for drive home

carry out or perform


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make clear by special emphasis and try to convince somebody of something

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That's a pity because if you do make a special effort to drive home for Christmas, the chances are you'll find it much more psychologically rewarding than you anticipated.
The chief medical examiner was reported to have arrived at the 2 Joanna Drive home Friday night.
That's my time, six hours' drive home to Perth just to calm down, really.
A WEDDING guest's own marriage ended in tatters after his wife's family reported him for trying to drive home drunk from the reception.
A NORTH East authority hopes to drive home the need for good foster carers by taking the message out into the community on specially designed vans.
There were no winsome grins after the story about quintuplets, no flapping of moist lashes to drive home the report on African famine.
Simple, colorful illustrations by Dylan's best friend Zachary Wendland drive home this straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is story.
Royles' solicitor Matthew Harbinson argued that allowing the 21-year-old to drive home meant that there was no case to answer.
From the right way to wash one's hands, to the importance of keeping one's fingers away from the eyes, nose and mouth, to learning not to sneeze indiscriminately on people, Impatient Pamela Learns About Germs blends practical daily life lessons with whimsical illustrations to drive home its invaluable lessons.
Hi-Q's marketing manager, Nikki McCluney believes Drive Home safely is a valuable initiative for drivers who may be left vulnerable if a breakdown leaves them stranded in an unfamiliar place or late at night.
Provided a booking is received in advance, the Scooterman will arrive on a 49cc miniature motorbike, take it apart, put it in the boot, and drive home in the car, before whizzing off to the next job.
Plenty of color photos drive home the points and add interest.
The band is the brainchild of artist-turned-musician Andy Fung, and they finished recording new album The Drive Home last year.
In Ingrown Tyrone, the exploits of a young African-American boy learning to take proper care of himself and respect himself are presented with dazzling, jump-off-the-page full color illustrations meant to captivate the eye and drive home the story.