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So I agreed to drive back with him from the tradeshow in Orlando on Sunday to get back to San Diego for ASR, which was happening the following weekend.
Captured after a siege by Federal General Henry Halleck, Corinth became a target of Southern efforts to drive back the Union, and when the bloody campaign for Corinth reached its height, it paved the way for Grant's Vicksburg campaign and the ultimate fate of the Confederacy in the Mississippi Valley.
They'll drive back, probably late at night, and for the first time in several years O'Leary knows he won't be disturbed by the Frenchman on his mobile phone.
Now, our workers must drive 25 miles to pick up a truck, drive back to town and do a route, return the truck to the remote site, and then drive back home.
He has helped drive back the threat of multinational mining on the Yellowstone through his river writings in National Geographic, The New York Times, and a previous book--Kayaking the Full Moon.
The kicking, fighting burros (the male "jacks" are particularly dangerous) have to be lassoed, corraled, and loaded into the trailer, ready for the long drive back to the Chontos' 20-acre sanctuary, which is now home to 40 burros.
Flashkaps[R] now gives your business or the standard flash drive the option we've all been waiting for, Information without inserting the flash drive back into your desktop or laptop computer.
Lara's final innings on Indian soil came to an unfortunate and early end when he was run out at the non-striker's end when Irfan Pathan dropped a firm drive back by Marlon Samuels but deflected the ball on to the stumps - with Lara out of his ground, backing up.
Duane Hanna, a 39-year-old bus driver from San Luis Obispo who led a group down to Los Angeles for the exhibit, said he will drive back down again with his children.
The hand ventured west, then east, and then concluded the tour with a quaint 30-hour drive back to Regina.
Man-eater Samantha gets her sex drive back after Smith admits he's in love with her and she tells him she feels the same about him.
I actually told him that if he changed his mind, he could drive back up here and fight for his place.
Then he told her to drive back to the park, where waiting deputies heard her screaming for help as the car pulled into the drive.
The employee of the Autobahn pub in Dublin was leaving his car after work at 4am on Saturday when he was bundled back inside and told to drive back to the city bar.
Stacey Wilson drove all the way from Lancaster - only to make a U-turn and drive back home.