drive around

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Synonyms for drive around

drive someone in a vehicle


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drive without any particular aim

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The 'Back to Black' hitmaker, who is all set to move to North London, wants to learn driving and pass the driving test because she wants to drive around "a cute vintage car".
Around 300 people, mainly the elderly and disabled, have permits allowing them to drive around Draycote Water, near Rugby, but the privilege will be withdrawn next April amid fears that walkers and cyclists could get run over.
The terrified woman was made to drive around the city before being bundled into the back of her blue Y-reg Mercedes.
We didn't have any money to waste, so we would drive around the block in downtown Greenville, really slowly, looking for a parking meter that still had some time left on it.
PAUL MANNING is hoping motorists will drive around cyclists rather than through them after leading England's clean sweep on the track.
The Drive Around the World LONGITUDE Expedition, which recently completed a 41,000-mile, 30-country journey to raise awareness and funds for the Parkinson's Institute in Sunnyvale, Calif.
Prosecuting barrister Oliver King said police received a number of calls following the incident in October after the defendant was seen to drive around the circuit which took him about 45 seconds.
The trip included 100 miles of legendary Highway 1 through Big Sur, the fabled 17-Mile Drive around Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea and some serious straight-line highway mileage.
Less time, however, than the 37-hour drive around Manhattan that was used to launch the real vehicle (finally).
MY new pet hate is those ejits who drive around in huge tank-like jeeps complete with bull bars on the front.
Toyota loaned us a Prius, its gasoline-electric hybrid car, for a test drive around Miami.
We'd drive around in the car, he'd play `Heart of Glass,' and I'd sort of mouth the words, pretend to be Blondie.
I know many people who would like to see her drive around the piazza in front of St.
4, facing the basket, can now go one-on-one against his man or wait for #3 to drive around the triple pick set by 2-5 and 1.
Now, NATO members think it is sufficient for Europeans to drive around in tanks in central Bosnia and to threaten air strikes.