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Synonyms for drippage

a liquid (as water) that flows in drops (as from the eaves of house)


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A final -91 kPa vacuum was applied for 15 minutes to minimize drippage.
contaminated cooling or cleaning waters, aerosols, dust, splash, drippage, back-siphonage), but typically these are minor sources compared with raw incoming foods and the bare hands of workers.
Approximately 75%-80% of Type I ADF applied under winter storm conditions is deposited on ramp pavement, either through over spray or drippage.
The drip pad is a concrete pad constructed at the exit from the retort to capture drippage from logs as they leave the retort before being transported to storage areas.
The court said a drippage, coupled with the fact that the husband had had sexual relations with five different women, was sufficient for the jury to impute knowledge of the disease to the husband.