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designed to prevent dripping

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As with all Dripless products, the flow of caulk stops when the trigger is released - no thumb latch to press, no buttons to push, no special way to click the handle.
Teflon tape: For tight, dripless plumbing connections
The wraps are designed to sit on drivers' laps and to be dripless even while being eaten with one hand.
In addition, the new series of White Lightning DRIPLESS[R] caulk guns have a patented dripless feature that immediately stops caulk flow upon trigger release, with a serf-locking plunger nut and extra welds to prevent end cap failure.
Alternatively, if the need is for filling containers, the Dripless Valve Attachment can accurately and gently fill various size containers without mess or contamination.
THEY are smokeless, dripless, fragrant and even float, while their very appearance can relieve stress and transform the look of a room.
I did not know that BUGIA is a style of dripless candlestick, its liturgical use abolished in 1968, named after the wax-rich region of Bougie, Algeria.
According to the Futurist, the winner of this year's soybean innovation contest at Purdue University is ``Flavor Favor,'' a dripless and edible candle said to last 25 seconds longer than the conventional birthday candle.
But Tetley's Ian Prutton forecast their dripless bag will be a big hit.
The 9016 high-temperature oil unit, to maximum 550 |degrees~ F, includes a dripless mechanical seal, rather than packing, for the pump; a proprietary two-pass heater tank for increased fluid velocity; a custom U-tube heat exchanger with removable tube bundle; IEC electrical components; and full control panel diagnostics.
Traditional wedding centerpieces include an arrangement of flowers and may include tapered candles in a candelabra, preferably dripless ones, as well as votives on the table.
Devoted to bringing light to others, Sidney had a unique hobby of candle making and he and Carol would often hand dip 600 dripless tapers in his tailor made candle shop adjacent to their home.
New glass and crystal stemware patterns featured more etching than in the past, and dripless decanters are in vogue.
Across the country, consumers ask for a particular candle brand based on the way it smells, the way it burns, its dripless features and other attributes, Contino said, and many of them eagerly await the next fragrance and the next sale: "A lot of them swear by brands, and lucky for us, they are loyal to Colonial.
Features include a guillotine cut-off attachment to produce portions of precise size and weight and a dripless valve addition capable of filling a variety of containers without mess.