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designed to prevent dripping

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Dripless Syringe[TM] is another example of Vista Dental Product's dedication to more safely and effectively achieve endodontic success.
kaydeedesigns.com 6 The POURfect Beaker Set, available in 1-, 2- and 4-cup sizes, feature a flat edge dripless spout and gull wings with a channel to eliminate the risk of spilling.
Additionally, a unique snap-valve pour-spout offers dripless pouring, controlled flow rate for better handling of poured volumes, reduced risk of aerosol contamination when pouring and elimination of splashing and exposure to hazardous body fluids.
Substantially dripless operation can be maintained.
Inventing a dripless candle is neither progressive nor transformational.
Higher-end graphics and striking photography, along with packaging enhancements such as dripless spouts, tear tabs, pull-top lids, shatterproof bottles, inner seals and resealable bags, can win over consumers.
In our view, there are enough shops out there capable of delivering first-rate paint jobs, but this much should also be obvious: If you expect speck-free dripless perfection for $8000, the people who call you delusional are right.
* Dripless oil--Performs the same functions as all-purpose oil but does not drip after application because liquid carrier evaporates and leaves a full-bodied film.
But three days later, on Christmas Eve, I came home dripless and very happy.
Teflon tape: For tight, dripless plumbing connections
The wraps are designed to sit on drivers' laps and to be dripless even while being eaten with one hand.
In addition, the new series of White Lightning DRIPLESS[R] caulk guns have a patented dripless feature that immediately stops caulk flow upon trigger release, with a serf-locking plunger nut and extra welds to prevent end cap failure.
But for my money, a medium-priced (about $5) "dripless" gun is the way to go.
The candles are distributed by Hanna's Candles, and all but the dripless items have scents.
THE 1930s saw the introduction of the "dripless cake cone" - a larger bowl-shape which allowed the dessert to sit in the bottom rather than nestle on the top.