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the administration of a solution (blood or saline or plasma etc

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""The not front Yeah, might one '' That air of uncertainty and drip-feed of information sucks you in
"You can then drip-feed money into the market over a period of time, without worrying about the end of tax year deadline."
If you're concerned about market falls, Khalaf suggests an option could be to drip-feed money into the market via a regular savings plan, thereby investing at different market levels, and buying cheaper shares if prices tumble.
Builders drip-feed market NEW houses are being approved in much greater numbers than homes are being built, with developers "drip-feeding the market in order to push up prices", a think tank has said.
PLAID Cymru leader Leanne Wood has warned "drip-feed devolution" is no longer an option for Wales.
Mr Dunn was sent to the emergency care service and was put on a drip-feed of powerful antibiotics.
An Individual Savings Account lets you invest a lump sum or drip-feed your cash in while saving tax on your returns.
of drip-feed information you in " Yeah, Faith, I think he might have worked that one out for himself
There will, of course, be the traditional, monstrously large Christmas wine column, but I'm going to drip-feed some ideas in the weeks leading up the most barmy day of the year.
Opting for a trading plan means the government can drip-feed the sale of its stake to institutional investors over a period of time.
If you live in a city, a mist is especially helpful for giving your skin a constant drip-feed of antioxidants (such as vitamin C) to combat air pollution.
Such was the constant drip-feed of rumour swirling out of Spain that even Ferguson admitted he was slightly concerned by the end.
15 hours in a dark room, eyes closed with our arms attached to a drip-feed.