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Synonyms for drip-dry

dry by hanging up wet

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treated so as to be easily or quickly washed and dried and requiring little or no ironing

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used of fabrics that do not require ironing

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With experts predicting we would all be in head-to-toe drip-dry nylon and sleeping in nylon sheets, the static electricity possibilities were alarming.
Repeat the process to clean the outside and drip-dry.
If you prefer to drip-dry your uniform, make sure to put it on a rust-proof hanger.
From the beginning, much of the film is shrouded in mystery, partly from metaphysical symbolism and partly because many supporting players wear white and the subtitles frequently wash out on their medieval drip-dry tunics.
Without stirring up the muck, remove the gun and hang it on a hook you've made from the coat hanger and let it drip-dry.
A 12 foot pool is being set up inside the club, for this sporting special, so you may want to be drip-dry.
One of the main differences in the uniforms nowadays is that we now wear white shirts rather than blue nylon drip-dry shirts.
Being interviewed by Walters or her disciples is strikingly similar to a drive through the car wash--her visitors get vigorously scrubbed with soapy water, drip-dry if they need to (as badass actor Ving Rhames did on a recent show, letting loose a tsunami of tears in memory of his dead mother), and come out glowingly burnished.
After removal from the coating, the discs drip-dry for 10-15 min before being placed in a drying oven.
Base layers made with VisaEndurance do not require special handling - just machine wash using an unscented detergent and drip-dry or tumble dry.