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pan for catching drippings under roasting meat


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pan under a refrigerator for collecting liquid waste

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The drain lines from these two air-handlers' condensation drip pans were re-piped to send the water directly to the cooling tower.
Stand chicken up in center of hot grate, over drip pan and away from heat.
An internal residential muffler and sealed drip pan are packaged with the engine along with a 21 gal.
Additional standard equipment includes en coder, air drive, a drip pan, wiper ring, data logging and many software enhancements.
When the coals are covered with a light gray ash, push them to opposite sides of the grill and set a disposable drip pan in the center.
Check for drip pan stoppage, drain line stoppage and worn out or damaged suction line insulation running thorough the walls or ceiling areas.
They are certified to UL standards and feature an adjustable thermostat and a condensate drip pan.
The drip pan is an 11" x 17" cookie sheet with sides.
Regal includes a nonstick drip pan with its rotisserie, as well as a poultry tower, meat rack, kabob rack with eight skewers and an adjustable basket for stuffed chops and other small meat items.
Set an aluminum drip pan at least as your turkey on one of the burness UNDER the cooking grate to catch drips before they cause an inferno
Slide the drip pan under the engine to catch the spilled coolant.
A lift-off lid allows full access to the heating chamber, and the stainless steel drip pan can be removed for easy cleaning.
Additional standard equipment includes encoder, air drive, a drip pan, wiper ring, data logging and many software enhancements.
Place beef back ribs, meat side up, on a grid centered over a drip pan.