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a small mat placed under a glass to protect a surface from condensation

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Celtic Inns provides a lot of support, back up and know-how to help tenants turn the pub into what they all have the potential to be - thriving businesses - so we're hopeful of a good take up of our drip mat offer.
A pub company with plans to expand its operations in South Wales and the South of England has taken the novel approach of advertising for prospective tenants among its customers - on drip mats under their drinks.
I tidied up the buffet plates, emptied ashtrays for them to fill again, cleared away the drip mats.
Quarmby Promotions was formed in 1872 as a packaging business and began making drip mats in 1931.
The organisation said it also planned to distribute copies of a new consumer guide to making complaints along with drip mats promoting the Code and the complaints process.
and phoned Bulmers about the drip mats in bars near Disneyland.
5bn beermats and is the world's largest producer of drip mats, with operations in the UK, Germany and Belgium.
For the first time in many years Theakstons merchandise, including drip mats, bar towels and branded glasses has appeared in bars all over the country.
The campaign will include radio advertisements featuring "Dessie the designated driver", along with posters and pub promotional posters and drip mats.