drip feed

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the administration of a solution (blood or saline or plasma etc

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I work with a charity that brings children over from Belarus for a month's respite from the constant drip feed of low dose contamination, much of it is from the food they eat
We had to immediately transfer him to a hospital for a drip feed.
I was also struck by the prominent role played by certain members of the print media in the controversy over telephone hacking and the drip feed of once private emails from Wikileaks.
Consumers are often advised to drip feed their money into equity investments to reduce the risk of suffering sharp reductions in the value of their holdings due to stock market volatility.
Also, why would a member of staff be pushing a drip feed outside the hospital?
Many others for their drip feed of tax credits (their own money being returned to them) or are among the huge numbers of grateful new immigrants (who says its uncontrolled).
They drip feed information, a slow drip of propaganda.
And he confirmed the new regime will need to apply a drip feed of pounds 50million.