drinking vessel

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a vessel intended for drinking

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The word derives from the Latin tupella, meaning small cup, because of their resemblance to an upside down drinking vessel.
Subsequently, the water is ultimately transported, may be stored at home in a bucket, and after eventual treatment put in a drinking vessel before consumption.
A Doulton Lambeth Stoneware three-handled drinking vessel, with coloured applied and incised floral decoration standing 7 1/2 in high, probably by Ethel Beard and an unknown assistant.
When water nearly fills drinking vessel, quickly turn faucet handle clockwise until water flow stops.
There's a drawing by Burne-Jones of Thisbe and Philomela, a 15th century illuminated manuscript showing the weaving contest between Arachne and Athena and a fourth century pottery drinking vessel depicting Odysseus and Circe.
Beverage Underestimated Drink size the number of was larger ounces (a) than a standard size (b) Beer (n=197) (c) 29% 29% Wine (n=134) (c) 37% 73% Spirits (n=225) (c) 61% 90% Malt liquor (n=114) (c) 52% 75% Fortified wine (n=70) (c) 60% 46% Wine cooler (n=95) (c) 26% 3% (a) Percent of women who underestimated the actual number of ounces in their self-selected drinking vessel for each 6 beverages consumed.
com believe stainless steel water bottles are the safest and best choice for a drinking vessel, both for your health and the environment," the company declares in a news release touting the new bottles.
On his board, Aaron linked the shape of the drinking vessel - a hollowed-out gourd with a long stem - to the shape of the Big Dipper constellation that was used for slaves to navigate.
He pleaded guilty to falsifying a customs document to hide the origins of an ancient silver drinking vessel.
Bear with a traditional Scottish quaich, or drinking vessel, which he has given to St.
And even though the tankard was obviously painted quickly, it is clear that the artist knew exactly how that cylindrical drinking vessel would reflect light and how its circular shape would appear distorted.
However, bacterial contamination is much more likely to occur in the drinking vessel, so keeping water troughs clean is a must.
Men fit into one of four distinct categories - based on the drinking vessel they favour - the survey of 2000 males for Famous Grouse Whisky revealed.
6) This line is a variant form of a refrain, and in the parallel lines we find 'bolle' (8, 32, 56), 'pecher' (24), 'pot' (40), 'cuppe' (48) - leading to the assumption that Lydgate's 'tancard' is a drinking vessel, not the barrel or tun.
She possessed a drinking vessel emblazoned with a golden Neptune on a horse, but this may have been a wedding gift from a Renaissance prince, commissioned in the style of the day, without any special attraction for her.
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