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Synonyms for drink





drink something in


drink to something or someone


  • toast
  • salute
  • propose a toast to
  • pledge the health of
  • wish health to

the drink


  • the sea
  • the main
  • the deep
  • the ocean
  • the briny

Synonyms for drink

to take into the mouth and swallow (a liquid)

to take alcoholic liquor, especially excessively or habitually

to take in (moisture or liquid)

to salute by raising and drinking from a glass


any liquid that is fit for drinking

an act of drinking or the amount swallowed

Synonyms for drink

the act of drinking alcoholic beverages to excess

any large deep body of water

propose a toast to

be fascinated or spell-bound by

drink excessive amounts of alcohol

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About 90 percent of high school students have tried alcohol, and approximately 60 percent of both high school and college students drink regularly.
if You Drink, Don't Drive," launched in 1989 to help reduce the number of drunken-driving incidents among California's Hispanic population;
What's more, the French aren't exactly regular drinkers: according to a 1990 industry survey, only 28 percent of Frenchmen and 11 percent of Frenchwomen who drink wine do so every day.
What happens when you chug down a sports drink after, say, playing a couple hours of tennis?
The presentation of Roaring Lion also differs from Red Bull as the drink is served at the fountain via a bag in a box.
Imagine how gross it would be to drink through the same straw day after day.
1) In a population-based case-control study of women with pregnancies resulting in a live birth, one in seven women reported bingeing (consuming at least five alcoholic drinks on one occasion) in the preconception period; nearly half of pregnancies were unintended.
But among people who now drink occasionally, Rimm says, the accumulating evidence of alcohol's potential benefits is "so overwhelming that there are probably many cases where some people should be told to drink a little more.
Townsmen stopped by for a quick drink, sometimes looking for work or workers, or doing some other business, and met up with their neighbors and with farmers in for the day, joining them not only in a glass of beer and perhaps some bologna and boiled eggs, but also in plain talk and other amusements.
At McDonald's, a "child"-size soft drink is 12 ounces and a "small" is 16 ounces.
Evidently, the drink did keep the fevers down while it kept the spirits up.
S]omeone who genuinely liked to drink and socialize was in constant danger of getting hooked on the stuff.
According to the Century Council, 65 percent of adolescents say parents are the leading influence not to drink.
MusclePharm Introduces CocoProtein(TM) Sports Drink II-56
The energy drinks market in the US can be segmented into three categories: liquid energy drinks, energy shots, and energy drink mixes.