drilling rig

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rig used in drilling for oil or gas

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This advanced rig builds off-line double or triple stands while the rig is in full operation, with the ability to move to new well sites faster than other full-sized drilling rigs.
This paves the way for the mobilization and installation of a drilling rig obtained under contract from Petrex, S.
Contract Awarded for Supply of drilling rigs and equipment, Bentec has won the largest single contract in its 20 year history.
He added that, the UMW NAGA 5 is a newly built premium jack-up drilling rig presently being constructed by KeppelFELS Singapore.
Triton American Well Services will be utilizing their jet drilling rig to conduct ultra short radius horizontal drilling for production in multiple pay zones.
Given the nature of what the drilling rig does, it is vital to have the best possible safety equipment.
This transaction is a milestone in our growth in debt arranging, drilling rig finance and investment services in Canada," said Tony Shizari, Managing Director and leader of GE Energy Financial Services' debt finance group.
The Company has secured a drilling rig to test multiple prospects and is in the process of permitting 10 drilling locations on this 120,000 acre block.
Turnkey will apply casing drilling technology to the field through the use of one of its four purpose-built casing drilling rigs.
Iranian minister of petroleum says private sector should actively participate in proving oil and gas drilling rigs.
NYSE:RIG) today announced that its report of drilling rig status and contract information covering the company's offshore drilling fleet has been updated as of January 31, 2006.
The H-40 drilling rig will begin drilling out from under surface pipe on Thursday January 19.
The Heydar Aliyev semi-submersible drilling rig was dispatched on February 23, 2018 from the offshore supply and logistics base of the Caspian Drilling Company for drilling work in the Absheron field, the company said.
Hong Kong, June 26, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - A leading global land drilling rig manufacturer - Honghua Group Ltd.
An innovative and highly automated deep drilling rig from Herrenknecht Vertical GmbH has been assembled on a cantilever at the Herrenknecht site in the port of Kehl in southern Germany in recent months.