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the act of drilling


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the act of drilling a hole in the earth in the hope of producing petroleum

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Intriguingly, no instance of drilling has been found in teeth from a 6,500-year-old cemetery at the same site.
a major British drilling company, on his impending availability, they were ready to send him to Malawi, Africa.
The first phase of drilling on the Company's mineral block began with a re-entry of an existing well, known as Red Lake Gas Unit #1 (#1), to evaluate the Rodessa formation for remaining production.
researchers who have watched as tightening purse strings in fiscal year 1989 halted all purely scientific continental drilling in the United States.
Our 2007 capital program includes many of the same attributes, namely low-risk development drilling, investment in current and future onshore resource plays and completion of our two large development projects.
The drilling project will not actually penetrate into magma which can reach temperatures of 1,200 [deg.
Huffman, President, stated, "We are pleased with the results from our drilling and Calliope operations for 2006.
While the drilling project, which includesscientists from the United States, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Norway, has yet to strike a large methane reservoir, the scientists have already found small amounts of methane and other evidence that might vindicate the deep-earth-gas hypothesis.
During the fourth quarter, RAM drilled or participated in the drilling of 18 gross (18.
The real gem of the cruise was its successful testing of new drilling technologies, such as a 40,000-pound guide base that, when lowered onto the seafloor, enabled scientists to drill for the first time into bare rock.
The Company's continued growth in production was due to the success of its development and exploratory drilling programs, including the Company's Cotton Valley play in east Texas and the Selma Chalk play in Mississippi.
Southern Cross" semi-submersible will begin drilling Akcakoca-3 well this month
The increase is attributable to the success of the Company's multi-year drilling program and its complementary acquisitions.
Tim Rochford, President & CEO stated, "This is the first full quarter having two drilling rigs working full-time on our Fuhrman-Mascho lease.
DENVER -- CREDO Petroleum Corporation (NASDAQ:CRED) today provided an operational update on its drilling activities.