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trained in a skill by repetitious practice

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Also, 71 wells were drilled and put into operation.
Preliminary experimental study showed advantages of using vibration assistance which led to thinner and smaller chip which enabled bigger number of drilled holes per drill with the same drilling parameters.
When the fifth hole is drilled, the thrust increased more than two times.
But a gundrill, with its single, centrally-located cutting edge, is absolutely free-cutting in its action and does not create any undue stresses on the tool or the workpiece that could cause the drilled hole to run crooked.
In order to show the microcracks in bone via different drilling operations, the drilled specimens in conventional drilling group and the fifth vibrational drilling group (A = 500 [micro]m, f = 20 Hz), which hold the highest and the lowest drill hole temperature, respectively, were observed by SEM.
19 wells are slated to be drilled at Azar oil field in total of which two wells will be drilled by Persian Oil and Gas Company, 7 wells by NIDC and the remainder will be drilled by Global Petrotech Company.
Zo prevent the drill bit from slipping or skating on the ceramic surface, use masking tape, and create a '+' pattern on the ceramic tile so that the drilled hole will be in the centre of the cross.
Among other drilling equipment and consumables, tubular goods will provide the best opportunities for growth through the forecast period, benefiting from increased drilling activity, particularly in the number of wells and the footage drilled, which directly influences the consumption of casing.
Seventy-four holes have been drilled to date since 2005.
For example, a drill rated at 1/4" not only means that this is the largest diameter shank that will fit the chuck, but indicates the largest size hole recommended to be drilled with e 1/4" bit in 1/4" thick mild steel.
Researchers recently unearthed what may be the earliest examples of ancient dentistry yet discovered--holes drilled in teeth that are between 9,000 and 7,500 years old.
Welcome to a time so long ago that people with no dental insurance still could get their teeth drilled, and perhaps filled.
Naturally, not every hole produced requires all of these operations, but what is common with all holes is that they must be drilled. It seems obvious that without a drill there would be no hole.
In short, grooving the drilled cover breaks up the flow pattern so that orientation of the fibers does not occur.