drill steel

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carbon steel used for rock drills and dowels


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Less than two years earlier, a 30-year-old contract driller at a shale quarry in Ulster County, N.Y., died in November 2012, as he attempted to thread a new drill steel manually when the drill head rotated and entangled him.
"Cold temperatures--the low-to-mid-20s in the day and single numbers at night--required that drill steel pipe had to be protected from drill fluid freezing and splitting the pipe," Kelly said.
Equipped with COP 1838 rock drills and BMH 6914 feeds for 4.3 m (14 ft) drill steel, the rig had to be almost completely dismantled so that it could be lowered down the mine's 1.8 x 1.8 m shaft.
The TTC has research projects and collaborations currently under way or recently completed in a wide range of topics, such as: directional drill steel fatigue testing; rapid ground settlement prediction for microtunneling; prediction of the long-term behavior of pipe liners; liner design for gas applications; microsensor development for pipeline assessment; impact of liner defects on flow calculations; and public bid cost data for trenchless methods.
AMS drilling and blasting supervisor, Phil Scardina, says: "The phenomenon is known as 'chatter' and is something we try to avoid at all costs, since it is very destructive for the drill steel." Chatter and its generation of heat cause early fatigue and shearing of the drill rods, or even the neck of the shank adapter.
Additional rig enhancements include a reinforced drill steel support, redesigned hose routing with three bulkheads, a new front-facing feed holder and improved access for servicing.
This improved control has led to even lower drill steel costs and increased penetration rates.
For drill rod, the McL-10H incorporates the use of heat treated chrome moly drill steel in standard four-foot lengths with threaded connectors to provide water and air flows to the drill head.