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workplace that is the site of a drill hole

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Topics covered included working safely on and around a drill site, environmental protection, recovering and handling core samples, and operating heavy equipment on a functional drill site.
But Government Inspector Alan Hoyland has upheld Sterling Resources' appeal, ruling the test drill site will not adversely affect the area.
It is also necessary for the agency to reconsider the method employed by each SDF unit in conducting military drills, with the aim of ensuring that areas surrounding SDF drill sites will not be affected by incidents similar to that which occurred on Monday.
We plan to award the drill site construction contract as soon as our outside engineering firm finalizes our site plan to accommodate DAFORAs F-400 rig, said Mr.
On a new project like this engineering has to work closely with operations and subsurface," says Curtis Johnson, senior project lead and engineer at ConocoPhillips Alaska for the Drill Site 2S development.
announced that Kuparuk Drill Site 2S began producing oil, under budget and ahead of schedule.
The explosive is shipped from the central manufacturing site to the drill site in 20-ton-capacity tankers.
Rehabilitation was also done on the road from the DDH 1 drill site to DDH sites 4 and 6 on the drill road which was newly constructed in 2006.
Tenders are invited for Miscellaneous civil works during drilling operation and cleaning of drill site area after drilling operation in connection with Civil Works at Drill Site LKGE in Lakwa area.
announced in October that the Kuparuk field expansion project Drill Site 2S has been sanctioned for funding by ConocoPhillips and the Kuparuk co-owners.
The project requires the mobile units to be relocated from drill site to drill site over a lease period of two years.
Each drill site will take approximately 2 weeks to complete.
Tenders are invited for providing earth filling, internal hardening, ring bund, waste pits, fencing and construction of sheds at drill site and dsa including approach road, sh(ii): construction of main foundation (raft/pile) including providing and lowering of 800mm / 500mm dia false conductor casing at drill site, sh(iii): misc.
Proposed Drill Site 01: Interpreted Target - Conductive Shear / High Fracture Density