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a noncommissioned officer who instructs recruits in military marching and discipline

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It's kind of interesting to be the drill master here at this brand-new, state-of-the-art drill tower and teach these kids on some of the latest equipment the fire service has to offer," Harmon said.
Stephane Dalle, often overtaxed in classical roles, was terrific as the Drill Master.
Team victory in the Texas Scramble Shotgun Start format went to the team representing Coventry accountants, Grant Thornton, from runners-up D Drill Master Drillers, who had Sky Blues skipper Gary McAllister in their line- up, with Telfer joining Peter Doyle and his partners in third place.
He was working on the US-owned rig Drill Master, near the Norwegian city Stavanger.
Insurance Agency; secretary/treasurer, Alan Murphy, Southern Pacific Railroad retired; board member at large, Guy Mattoon, Eugene Police retired; drill master, Melissa Engeman, with Sew-on Embroidery; past captain, Larry Baurer, owner of Baurer Enterprises; and training officer, Phil Richey, U.
This is the heart of the rangers and the roots of the cavalry right here,'' said Chris Inglehart, a Rangers drill master, as the riders go through the exercises.
I had to be a drill master for Alan Ladd and George Montgomery.
Drill Masters, which had originally been founded as a tool manufacturer, evolved into a respected supplier of deep hole drills and accessories for the automotive, aerospace, medical, firearms, off-road, heavy equipment, farming, and molding industries.
In addition to the two churn drills that MGOL has been operating since February 22, 2010, the drilling program has been expanded to include drilling with two CRS-V RotoSonic crawler drill rigs operated by two drill masters under contract with SonicSampDrill B.