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a noncommissioned officer who instructs recruits in military marching and discipline

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His throat sounded really rough; the drill instructor's lost his voice.
According to the report, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigated 20 Marine drill instructors, officers and staff members amid allegations of hazing, assault and discriminating against Muslim recruits dating to 2015.
Soon after leaving our tents we met our DIs (drill instructors).
Every light in the squad bay was on, and all the drill instructors were running through the building upsetting bunks with men in them.
Tom received orders to Perris Island, SC for drill instructor duty and Jen was informed by the EFMP coordinator that there were sufficient services for Riley and River.
A Drill Instructor on Paris Island and Marine Sniper on Okinawa, he used these experiences when speaking at schools as part of a World War II Speakers' Bureau that he created.
Hugh O'Brian's style of self-discipline, enterprise, and tenacity, learned from his Marine Corps dad, carried him from being the youngest Marine Corps drill instructor in history to a legendary career as TV's Wyatt Earp, versatile movie roles, Broadway and stage shows, as well as numerous guest appearances.
LEE ERMEY IS "THE GUNNY." Having starred in more than 60 feature films, he is best known for his role as a drill instructor, GySgt.
At dawn the door flew wide open, the drill instructor silhouetted there
The first half focuses on the new recruits as they undergo intensive boot-camp training under the guidance of tough-as-nails drill instructor Sergeant Hartman.
The biggest thing my drill instructor instilled in me was that I don't know what my limits are, and every day is a challenge to find my limits and exceed them.
That's because of a "teaching moment" in boot camp in 1964, wherein a Marine drill instructor oh-so-politely explained to those of us in Platoon 371 the difference between a "gun" and a "rifle."
In the summer of 1956, a drill instructor in the Marine Corps led his platoon on a nighttime march into the swamps of Parris Island, South Carolina, resulting in the deaths of six recruits in his charge.
After a night of abuse at the hands of a drill instructor, more than one recruit has run toward that star.
The drill instructor running the whole show told Darron Thomas and Cliff Harris to remain.