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a hole or passage made by a drill

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IV-19-013: 4.449 wt% TREO over 5.95 m core length starting at 6.0 m down hole depth, including 12.556 wt% TREO over 2.05 m core length at 9.9 m drill hole depth, and 22.457 wt% TREO over 1.8 m core length starting at 22.6 m down hole depth
Bolivar Flats Crystal Beach Rollover Bay (n = 97) (n = 81) (n = 95) Mean Drill Hole 17.6 24.2 23.3 Diameter (mm) Shell Thickness 8.9 35.0 20.1 (mm) Number of Drill 1.4 3.4 1.2 Holes Drill Hole 88 52 88 Completeness (%) Test P Mean Drill Hole F=21.9 0.0001 Diameter (mm) Shell Thickness F=94.2 0.0001 (mm) Number of Drill F=22.7 0.0001 Holes Drill Hole [chi square]=29.7 0.0001 Completeness (%)
A two-factor ANOVA test indicates that the drill hole diameter (UND) differs with snail size and mussel size but not with their interaction (Table 1).
Gossan completed three drill campaigns, totaling 58 drill holes from 2004 to 2008 on the Gossan portion of the sand leases.
SGS have informed the Company on Wednesday 2 November 2011 that negligible gold was detected in one metre sampling of drill hole YGRC 156.
have released the results of all drill holes from the Iris Lake area, located approximately 1.5 km north of the East Coldstream Deposit ("Deposit") on their Coldstream Property ("Property"), northwestern Ontario.
Drill hole CAR-009 is located approximately 185 meters (600 feet) southeast of hole CAR-007, which intersected 18.3 meters at 11.7 gpt Au (60 feet at 0.340 opt Au), and 405 meters (1,320 feet) northwest of hole CAR-002, the first Evolving Gold drill hole to intersect gold mineralization at Carlin.
The programme will continue at El Domo where a total of nine diamond drill holes (DDH) will be completed before testing other geochemical and geophysical anomalies at the Las Naves central area.
Announced results from a drill hole on Dianor Resources Inc.'s Leadbetter property, 10 kilometres northeast of Wawa, have returned 2,966 diamonds.
In the oil and gas industry, getting information about temperature, pressure, chemistry, and rock formation in the drill hole is expensive and time-consuming.
Sandvik Tamrock and Reflexit have started a Long-term co-operation to offer an optional drill hole survey instruments for Tamrock surface and underground drilling rigs.
Blunier and his colleagues studied ice cores pulled from a deep drill hole in central Greenland and from two drill holes in Antarctica.
Highlights include assay results from drill hole LE19-18C1, intersections of strong radioactivity in LE19-28 and LE19-29, plus the intersection of mineralization on an aggressive 250m step-out to the east.