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a bit used in drilling for oil

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* A caution to users not to bend the drill bit while in operation or not press too hard when drilling.
Varel International, the world's largest independent supplier of drill bits for the oil, gas and mining industries, has launched the Katana series steel body PDC drill bits.
Tools and materials 18v hammer action drill-driver 18v circular saw Workbench, tape measure, spirit level Drill bits - masonry, wood and screwdriver 3in x 2in timber 45mm and 75mm screws, wall plugs 18mm marine plywood, 6 hinges 1.
This modern drill bit plant consolidates all the manufacturing processes for PDC bits in Saudi Arabia.
"Saudi Arabia and the Middle East are key markets for Baker Hughes and, after several years of successfully assembling drill bits in the kingdom, we took the next logical step of manufacturing bits from raw materials."- TradeArabia News Service
A masonry drill bit is required for all work in these materials.
Chapters for the first semester cover rotary drilling for oil and natural gas, drilling fluids, the rotary rig circulating system, drill bit hydraulics, and prevention and control mechanics of well blowouts.
Attached is a picture of a 9/16" drill bit made in China of supposedly high-speed steel.
I have broken a #31 drill bit in a Mauser receiver.
The soil-stabilizing process begins when a long, rotating needle-like drill bit pierces the surface soil and moves downward, carving a column-shaped hole in the ground.
Drill press accessories include mortising attachments, plug cutters, sanding drums, auxiliary shafts and drill bit sets.
Called GARDSERTS, the kit tunas thread repair into a two-step process: drilling a hole with a standard drill bit and then inserting a self-tapping insert either manually with a bolt or driving the insert in with an impact wrench.
A California electrician is lucky to be alive after accidentally impaling himself on an 18-inch chip auger drill bit.
A BROKEN drill bit frustrated rescuers yesterday as they frantically tried to save nine Pennsylvania coal miners trapped for a day and a half in a flooded mine shaft 240 fee underground.