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Synonyms for drifting

aimless wandering from place to place

continually changing especially as from one abode or occupation to another

References in classic literature ?
Quick, Jim, it ain't no time for fooling around and moaning; there's a gang of murderers in yonder, and if we don't hunt up their boat and set her drifting down the river so these fellows can't get away from the wreck there's one of 'em going to be in a bad fix.
Franklin's letter I sent to him in the library--into which refuge his driftings had now taken him for the second time.
Now in 2018, winning the title again, I would say everyone has the drifting fire in them, and I know when exactly to ignite the spark," al-Khaiat said.
The refuelling involved a second BMW M5, which matched and synchronised with Schwartz's drifting speed to draw parallel to the main car.
Auto Logix, the car retailer that is advertising the car for sale, claims to be selling it on behalf of a car collector, who purchased Takashi's drifting machine from Universal Pictures following the release of the film.
When vehicles are travelling in parallel across multiple lanes this drifting causes a domino effect, with cars in the outer lanes forced to also drift out of lane to avoid a collision.
The drivers' performances were determined based on car look and design, tire smoke, car sound, section 1 drifting, section 2 drifting, boxes, gates, and pendulum.
In this part of the state, described by marine biologists as "one of the most extensive sea grass bottoms in North America," the fish are scattered far and wide over good cover and habitat and drifting is the only way to reach them.
RIYADH: The Kingdom has raised fines for drifting 20 times in order to combat the practice that presents tremendous risks to traffic safety of all concerned.
Under the two-year partnership agreement, which was signed at the Nexen Tire Americas headquarters on 18 March, Nexen Tire has become an Official Major Partner of US-based drifting series Formula Drift for the 2016 and 2017 race seasons.
Since configuration drift is not drifting away any time soon (excuse the pun and the skepticism), we must find better ways to do the best we can for now.
Drifting in the dark is an amazing sight and something only reserved for special occasions - and Drift Matsuri is one of them.
On the other hand, if the crasser is flying into the wind, the bird is going in one direction and the drifting pattern in the other.
If the drifting chemical is an herbicide, then you may notice damage to plants.
The Lateral Drift Championship Series marks its 10th season, began in 2005 with the goal of introducing drifting as a motorsport to Filipino enthusiasts.