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the deviation (by a vessel or aircraft) from its intended course due to drifting

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Waves by the sampan startled the flies; they became a more majestic cloud on the river, the revealing driftage was full of a dense layer of orange, yellow and pink maggots.
Both pyranometers were new and factory calibrated, and none showed important driftage when compared with a secondary standard CMP22 pyranometer from Kipp and Zonen and a new TUVR, after one year of use.
The model has now been charting the possible paths of the tsunami driftage for nearly 3 years.
The first physical evidence of tsunami driftage far from the coasts of Japan, for example, came in September 2011 from the Russian sail training ship Pallada.
When [A.sub.n]B is volatile or soluble in the solvents applied for oil extraction, the synergy is positive, and when insoluble, a negative driftage of the characteristic from the proportionally additive values takes place.
Values of tooth's 13 rotational moment's components in three axes indicated that diminishing of simulated occlusal interference changed not only spatial orientation of tooth's rotational axis but also its tendency of rotation; while strong tendency of driftage forward was observed during all the stages of numerical experiment.