drift off

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Synonyms for drift off

change from a waking to a sleeping state

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WHITE NOISE LITE (tmsoft.com) IF you live in a busy urban area, sound pollution can be a major contributor to insomnia - and sometimes all you need to drift off peacefully is to cut out the background noise.
"Sometimes you can just drift off a little bit and start thinking how amazing it would be if I did achieve my ultimate dream.
Ewan emits soothing sounds at low base frequency, and this, together with the soft glow, will help toddlers drift off. The heartbeat sounds are actual recordings, and you can select from four different calming sound tracks.
It takes 20% more than an hour to drift off and the quarter of us who have problems doing so blame family stress, snoring partners and noisy neighbours.
PILLOWCASES Drift off to that peaceful vacation place (cotton/poly, $20 each; snapfish.com).
Readers not only learn where the animals sleep but also how they drift off to sleep.
* Turn on soothing music before you drift off to sleep.
As the pilot applied brakes the aircraft continued its left drift off the runway, then the nose gear collapsed.
Gazing at the tank for at least 10 minutes should enable guests to become more relaxed and to drift off to sleep more quickly."
With help from his loving mommy and daddy, he finally manages to drift off. "Daddy and Mommy / together persist / With so much love, / I cannot resist.
If you don't drift off within 10 minutes, get up and perform some quiet, simple activity, such as doing a puzzle or writing a letter.
As these expense-anathematic luxuries drift off into the mists of history, the prevalent response by chief underwriters is, typically, an impotent combination of hunkering down and hankering for the good old days--neither of which does any good.
Areas of clear glazing are punched apparently at random into the translucent polycarbonate skin frame and define views of the landscape from inside at study table height, so students can drift off in contemplative reveries.
In this outermost layer, gases drift off into space.