drift ice

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masses of ice floating in the open sea

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[N.sub.s]([d.sub.i] [p.sub.i] | drift ice) = NB[[[gamma].sub.0] + [[gamma].sub.2] [d.sub.i] + [[gamma].sub.3] sqrt([d.sub.i]) + [[gamma].sub.4] [p.sub.i] + [[gamma].sub.5] scirt([p.sub.i])
Drift Ice is most compelling, however, when it strays from the familial, taking environmental crises as its primary focus.
"Drift Ice is a regular around here and always capable of a good run.
Kaniktshaq, snow; qanik, falling snow; anijo, snow on the ground; hiko (tsiko in some dialects), ice; tsikut, large broken up masses of ice; hikuliaq, thin ice; quahak, new ice without snow; kanut, new ice with snow; pugtaq, drift ice; peqalujaq, old ice; manelaq, pack ice; ivuneq, high pack ice; maneraq, smooth ice; akuvijarjuak, thin ice on the sea; kuhugaq, icicle; nilak, fresh water ice; and tugartaq, firm winter ice.
The gull usually winters within the drift ice of the Arctic waters and along the pack ice of the northern Atlantic.
USN nuclear sub USS Tigerfish rushes to the North Pole to rescue the staff of Drift Ice Station Zebra (1968) ***
A dynamic drift ice cover forms in the middle of the gulf and elsewhere off the shores, islands and shoals.
The De Kock duo of Trinity College and Drift Ice head the weights in the 6f dirt handicap, with Dhruba Selvaratnam's Jaasoos, his brother Adi's Salaam Dubai and Al Raihe's Ekhtiaar the main dangers.
Byline: Drift Ice won a thrilling renewal of the Jebel Ali Sprint (Listed) by a neck from Calrissian.
The seasonal boundary of the Arctic drift ice, carried southward by the East Greenland current, also lies close to Iceland.
The coastal and archipelago areas are covered by landfast ice, while further out drift ice fields are found.
Formerly with David Elsworth and owned by Matthew Green, Stubbs Art is now in the ownership of Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, for whom De Kock enjoyed success with Drift Ice in a handicap at Nad Al Sheba in February and a Listed race at Jebel Ali the following month.
International interest is provided by Brazil's Select Reason, Scandinavia's Calrissian, Bahrain's Nights Cross and South African duo Valiance and Drift Ice who are both trained by Mike De Kock.
This movement of whales further north is linked to the advance of drift ice in Davis Strait.