drift away

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lose personal contact over time

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WHEN the golden sun rises to herald a new day What fortune will come our way The troubles of yesterday may not have gone To face what lies ahead he must be strong Whatever thoughts that may trouble us In ourselves we have to trust Life is precious so let's spend our time Look at the sun so that in life we may shine This life of ours we must treasure As we journey through life together We look around where we belong It's easy to forget when life's troubles come along We have so much beauty to enjoy each day Let's help the wind blow the clouds away When the day goes slowly by Let's fill our lives with laughter try not to cry So before the day is through Feel the sun shine just on you As the sun sinks slowly in the west Troubles may drift away with a night's rest.
It is important for any business that young people are heard, especially on matters which are at the core of their experiences, like the drift away from the game by players in their late teens.
A KAYAKER found himself in dif-ficulty in the North Sea after he began to drift away from the shoreline.
There is no joy in growing old no matter what the poets say The gifts of youth we took for granted fade slowly like a summer's day The whispers fSrom the past, the happy times we thought would stay Slip through our failing memories and simply drift away But life's too short to hold regrets, or yearnings for the past The sand falls through the hourglass and the years roll by so fast So stand your ground and speak your mind and make your presence felt And tackle life with dignity and play the cards you're dealt Keep your spirits high - your stress levels low Don't let an uncaring society grind you down, and most of all, Never despair
He and his crewman moored on the Red Sands Towers, 10 miles off Southend, when the vessel began to drift away.
But before the occupiers drift away, if they drift away, we'd like to say this about that: The United States has an elegant mechanism for bringing about political change--voting.
Mansfield's thoughts sometimes drift away on the waves back to Vietnam and the 1968 Tet Offensive.
the site won't drift away as laboratory staffs and their priorities change.
The spa environment provides space to drift away and dream, balancing your state of mind and well being and releasing your inner beauty.
Additionally, Desan sees the drift away from revolutionary theory and practice as a reaction to the revolution beginning under Thermidor.
Martin Ellis, of the Halifax, said there was no sign of an end to the steady drift away from areas damaged by industrial decline in the north.
It is highly unlikely that the sprayed endosulfan would drift away all the way to the Vaninagar school area 3 km away.
The motivation both for Boerhaave's early study of the human body as a machine and for his subsequent drift away from mechanism to seminalism, Knoeff claims, was his lifelong commitment to a Calvinist framework, which emphasized both the inherent limitations of human reason (owing to the Fall of Adam) and the value of understanding God through an empirical study of Creation, which would reveal His providence.
Allow your mind to drift away as you focus on every physical sensation you can feel.