drift apart

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lose personal contact over time

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'United States takes a step and then Pakistan takes another step and both the countries drift apart...I don't think it's in the interest of either country', he remarked.
She said, 'Hugh, we're never going to be away from each other for more than two weeks.' I said, 'Great, why?' She said, 'I've just been on too many movies, and I see people drift apart'," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying in an interview with The Grill Team on Australian radio station Triple M 104.9 FM.
The story has an emotional and happy ending and yet the heartache could have been avoided if the family had stayed in touch, yet how many families allow themselves to just drift apart.
And that's how things seemed to end as they all began to drift apart.
In the passing years the two drift apart and come together, never entirely separated because of the pulls and passions of first love.
I did drift apart from some friends, but I made a lot of new ones through new activities and classes.
Three brothers drift apart after their father's death.
"Skin of Sunset" is a novel telling of three friends who begin to drift apart when tossed into the harsh reality of the real world after college.
On-again off-again couple Misato and Kaji have to ask themselves just how they came to drift apart; Ritsuko Akagi grapples with her love for a man who can never love her in return; Hikari and Toji try to make a long-distance relationship work; and Shinji and Asuka face an uncertain future.
Relations are very much fraught between the married couples and their children: Howie and Pauline continue to drift apart and Colin (Robson Green) is still in the dog house with Jackie (Nicola Stephenson) over his ex-wife.
As the seafloor spread, Pangaea broke up and the continents began to drift apart, eventually assuming their present positions.
Throughout the whole pie there are huge chunks of superbly lean beef which drift apart on the fork.
As time goes by, the groups on each side of the obstruction adapt to their settings or randomly drift apart, eventually growing so different that if they meet again, they don't mate.
"I don't think there is any animosity there at all, it is just that sometimes people drift apart.
Developing the craft of making cameos, they later moved to Thomas Webb and Sons, but their vastly different temperaments caused them to drift apart. Thus the signature T & G Woodall appears on just 28 pieces of glass.