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Synonyms for driblet

a quantity of liquid falling or resting in a spherical mass

Synonyms for driblet

a small indefinite quantity (especially of a liquid)

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The percentage of the patients who knew that the disease is contagious via respiration/sputum driblet was 83%.
A craggy brown pod resembling a small coconut topped with a petrified shiny white driblet, as if it spurted and froze in motion, is mounted like an archetypal Orthodox mitre on an organic handbuilt form.
The fair is open to all and starts with the Turkey Driblet Contest at 10 a.m.
"Non-baryonic matter," for example, is whittled down to a one-line driblet describing what it isn't: "matter that does not exhibit baryon characteristics." The "baryon" entry, which consists of four sentences, provides little elaboration and may just as well read "matter that exhibits baryon characteristics." I'm not arguing that subsumed terms be allotted multiple pages, just that they should be fleshed out enough so readers can see where they belong in the greater scheme of things.
Generous but meaningless gestures, small concessions, little driblets and doles, and on the other hand, swagger and bombast, simply will not do.
Activists have been demanding for long that India release all quantified and desegregated data of the decennial census soon after the census exercise is over, instead of releasing it in driblets to suit its political imperatives and motives.
Liddell Hart railed against the piecemeal application of force: "If the British had used at the outset even a fair proportion of the forces they ultimately expended in driblets, it is clear from Turkish accounts that victory would have crowned the undertaking." (39) In addition, the Admiralty staff in London did not offer realistic plans for how to reduce the forts or overcome the more than 400 underwater mines within the strait.
Unless you enjoy the feeling of your shirt stuck to your back and constant sweat driblets cascading down your temples, winter is, by far, the best time to visit Middle East destinations like Abu Dhabi.
the house partaking too of that air of scaling desolation, not having suffered from invasion but a shell marooned and forgotten in a backwater of catastrophe--a skeleton giving of itself in slow driblets of furniture and carpet, linen and silver, to help to die torn and anguished men....
That speeds up sweating and boils off driblets of water left over in pipes if you're soldering existing plumbing.
But Mathur strongly felt that countries like India needed a dedicated PE fund instead of getting driblets from a global one.
Sneering anti-Hillary blog driblets from Weekly Standard web editor Michael Goldfarb most certainly count, as do John McCain's sarcastic remarks about the cynical way advocates of legal abortion deploy health-of-the-mother exceptions.
So I have abruptly returned back, to answer his question " Dear brother don't lament as a Somali proverb says "if you are dying keep away the driblets from your month-means clean" so if you if the reason is that, why don't we return back home!!
When Alfred Austin, who would succeed Tennyson in the laureateship, assessed Tennyson's achievement in the first installments of Idylls of the King, he recalled the "namby-pamby 'sweet pale Margaret'" and "the Madelines and Adelines" of the 1830s and complained that the poet was recycling them in his "Flos Regum Arthurus." (30) Tennyson had, Austin wrote, "abandoned a lofty but illusory aim, and contented himself with executing four charming and highly finished fragments or driblets, in the shape of 'Enid,' 'Elaine,' 'Vivien,' and 'Guinevere' (p.
The majority, on the other hand, make do with patchworks of what scant offerings remain from reinsurers and service firms, coupled with sporadic, typically makeshift internal driblets, which, in point of fact, are seldom more than token imitations of genuine learning.