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the propulsion of a ball by repeated taps or kicks

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He said: "As an ambassador for this fantastic charity and self-confessed inventor of extreme hockey dribbling, I will be hoping to boost the fundraising and awareness of the great work done by the Hockey for Heroes team.
He said: "Joking apart, he outruns everyone and has better dribbling skills than any player I have ever coached.
Standing dribbling with a tennis ball, alternating right hand, left hand, left foot and right foot Idem 1 with a handball ball (2 x 10 rep P--active with walking and shaking arms and legs)
Attitude Passing Shooting Dribbling VERDICT England boss Roy Hodgson was at the Stadium of Light to run the rule over in-form Adam Johnson.
They preferred going one-on-one to sharing the ballwith a penchant for dribbling into traffic and chucking up ill-advised shotsand jogged rather than sprinted back on defense.
Participants will be dribbling simultaneously for ten minutes.
Dribbling should fool the opposition player at close quarters.
The old-fashioned dribbling runs were still there, albeit slightly slower and less erratic, as were his trademark deliveries.
We call it Complete Dribbling and players can move the ball deftly using the sole of the foot in any direction.
This is actually one of the most revolutionary updates to the franchise in recent years, bringing together three core game elements - Tactical Defending, Precision Dribbling and the Player Impact Engine - together for the first time.
Arthur had practised all that morning for this afternoon match, dribbling round the clothes line post.
On offense, she sprints up the floor, dribbling the ball and looking to pass to her teammates in good spots for shots.
01 then uses 03 as a back screener to cut across the lane in the opposite direction and on out to the opposite wing area to receive the hand off from 02 who has continued dribbling across the center lane area.
The academy operates on Saturdays at the Willow Creek Sports Club in west Eugene, but members who want to work on their dribbling skills can do so every Wednesday between 5:30 p.m.
All skills performed during the intervention programme were basketball specific: each session consisted of a stance exercise, an Aberdeen (ball handling without dribbling), a dribbling and a passing drill.