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the propulsion of a ball by repeated taps or kicks

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Standing dribbling with a handball ball, alternating right hand, left hand, left foot and right foot Idem 1 with a handball ball (2 x 10 rep P--active with walking and shaking arms and legs)
Then when they get into the final third it is all about dribbling and taking players on in one v one situations, especially the top Spanish sides.
But why all the basketball dribbling by Coelho's charges?
To establish the motivation of the coaches sports specific issues were integrated, which led to 4 basketball specific items being incorporated in each session (stance exercise, Aberdeen, dribbling and passing drill).
Do you think about dribbling a basketball by pulling your hand up?
The intrepid threesome then carried on dribbling from West Bromwich to Walsall before their marathon stint finished in Cannock.
When Frank "Shake and Bake" Streety discloses the source of his wizardry in a recipe, it epitomizes Mallozzi's wizardry as well: "Use two full servings of between-the-legs dribbling.
The two-day course saw youngsters using coaching aids including dribbling men, passing gates, freekick walls, speed guns, a ball-throwing machine, soccer arenas, rebound walls and agility zones.
According to the plaintiff, the competitions in question were launched in 1998 by Game Over founder Eric Hicks, who grew up in the Bronx and learned the dribbling dance moves on the street.
If you want to score in basketball, you've got to put the ball on the floor--that means dribbling, and we don't mean sloppy eating.
Ms Sarah Ward, marketing manager at the Tea Council, said: "We welcome the professor's findings, and if he finds a cure for dribbling teapots that would be fantastic".
I improved my dribbling, defense, and learned to take a charge," says Alisha Hall of Detroit, Michigan.
This is the most important thing to learn about dribbling.
The most eye-popping, knee twisting, ankle breaking moves ever witnessed are coming exclusively to one DVD featuring amazing dribbling exhibitions by Allen Iverson, Steve Francis, Jason Williams, Michael Jordan, Stephon Marbury, Pistol Pete, etc.
People know I can dribble with my right foot but I have been working on dribbling with my left which will confuse a lot of people.