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a basketball player who is dribbling the ball to advance it

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Wetzler's lone hit allowed came on a dribbler to second by Billy Fleming in the third.
Maven (Justin Chubb) and his beleaguered assistant Sporall (Chris Bran) try to keep a close eye on everyone, from folk dribbler Melody Lane and weather monk Tracee Henge, as events on the island spiral horribly out of control.
From next season the club's young supporters' group will be tailored to specific age groups - Sky Blues Dribbler (ages 0-3), Sky Blues Keepers (ages 4-7), Sky Blues Wingers (ages 8-12) and Sky Blues Strikers (ages 13-15) - to offer members a host of new benefits.
That dribbler is a real obstacle to any enjoyment of the view by passing motorists and their passengers.
She told a pal she's planning to buy a miniature football strip of her beloved Fulham FC for her little dribbler.
Mostly it involves double-teaming the dribbler and forcing him to make a more difficult pass than he would like to make.
He was such a natural runner, such a natural mover, such a wonderful dribbler with the ball.
The latest hot dribbler (03) then dribbles the ball toward the middle of the court to either continue the basic movement or to initiate a more aggressive part of the offense.
He is not a dribbler like many other players but he doesn't need to dribble, he just strokes the ball in and there it comes.
Doubts about her stamina were well cast aside as she made all to win by five and a half lengths from Joyful Dribbler in 41.
Midfielder Marouane Fellaini said: "Anthony has a lot of quality, he is quick, a good dribbler and always dangerous.
It didn't take fans long to realise their club had unearthed a gem, a superb dribbler with pace who could create and score goals.
Four years earlier Belgium successfully shackled Maradona by surrounding the diminutive dribbler whenever he had the ball at his feet.
He's an exciting player, he's a dribbler, takes on people and I can't wait to see him.
A MYSTERY Celtic dribbler was caught short on a TV news report last night.