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low table with mirror or mirrors where one sits while dressing or applying makeup

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com ENSURE YOUR DRESSING TABLE IS WELL-DRESSED Dressing tables shouldn't be distressing, so make sure yours is kept clear of clutter and free to be well dressed with accessories or fancy storage boxes.
Available in the range are various sizes of chest-ofdrawers, dressing tables with stools and mirrors plus big and small wardrobes.
MICHELLE says: Dressing tables can make a great focal feature within a room, but can become cluttered very easily.
Now after years in the furniture doldrums dressing tables are enjoying a revival.
She knew from the start that she would have the topless scene, a rift on the many impressionist images of women bathing at their dressing tables.
Audiences parade single-file past the actors' dressing tables as they're preparing.
With most houses today being too small to accommodate wardrobes of the Victorian size, the dressing tables can be easily accommodated and therefore are desirable in their own right.
As Jean Ford, co-creator of BeneFit Cosmetics, explains: "Products that adorned women's dressing tables in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s always inspire our new products.
And after transforming the flat-pack furniture into funky his 'n' hers dressing tables, Elisa graduated to decorating mirrors, using papier mache, blackboard paint, stencils and leading.
This exclusive area, with dressing tables, is described as ''a sexy boudoir for female clubbers''.
Superb detailing is a hallmark of the range and there are wardrobes, bedside cabinets, chests, dressing tables, blanket boxes and mirrors to choose from.
Munson's installation echoed these chilling rooms: around a child's bed were arranged small armchairs, a settee, and dressing tables, all with flowered upholstery; the room itself scattered with throw rugs and crammed with flowered cushions, bouquets of fake flowers, knickknacks, padded hangers, empty heart-shaped Valentine's Day boxes, and hundreds of small stuffed animals - mostly bunnies.
Add a touch of old romance to your look by using antique crochet or lace pieces on your table tops, fireplaces or dressing tables.
Now after years in the furniture doldrums dressing tables are enjoying a revival as stars of the boudoir as we follow the trend for personalising and glamorising our rooms.
And how many ballerinas have dressing tables in the wings?