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(military) a station located near a combat area for giving first aid to the wounded

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Major John McCrae was tending the wounded in a field dressing station near the canal at Essex Farm.
He later wrote to Pte Harries' brother: "I was alongside of him when he was brought into the dressing station and I sat with him for about 20 minutes when duty called me away from the spot, and after I returned to the spot a while afterwards I found out much to my sorrow that your devoted brother was amongst the unlucky victims that was killed with the shell that fell on the dressing station.
The Field Ambulance sorted out accommodation and furniture for their treatment area and organised an advanced dressing station.
"In particular, at least one group should visit Flanders, near Ypres; Vancouver Corner, where the first weapon of mass destruction was used with mustard gas against Canadian soldiers, killing 2,000 of them; Passchendaele and the Tyne Cot Cemetery to take in the immensity of our forefathers' sacrifices; Hill 60, where a large German command post was blown to smithereens by Commonwealth troops tunnelling underground from the front lines; as well as Essex Farm, a dressing station, where Colonel John McCrae wrote the famous lines: 'In Flanders Field the poppies blow, between the crosses row on row, that mark our place'.
There Philip Brown recovered consciousness for a short time and said "Well, Kenny, you're a hero." He died while being carried back to the dressing station.
Patients and Methods: All the medical help demanded either in the form of nursing assistants (NA) or medical officers (MO) or advanced dressing station (ADS) or forward treatment centre (FTC), by a competent authority of HQ Log 2 Corps, during complete one year of 2013 (January 2013 to December 2013).
Paired with a stool, the table multitasks as a makeup and dressing station that also provides open storage.
"So I attended to him straightaway but the worst was then to come for as I was taking him to the dressing station which was two miles away we had to go across open country owing to the condition of the trenches.
He managed to get back along the trench and, though nearly choked with fumes with his clothes burnt, refused to go to the dressing station. He continued to throw bombs until his arm gave out, and then, joining the covering party, used his rifle with great effect."
He was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for conspicuous gallantry when he left his dressing station and advanced over open country, under heavy shell fire, reaching the trenches and rendering first aid to many wounded.
The proposed reconstruction will be close to the woodland in the castle grounds and include communication trenches linked to a "dressing station" spread out over an area of no more than 4,000 square metres.
Mark Quealy, scrub nurse, discovers a historical coincidence--his grandfather worked in a WWI wound dressing station.