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But while the game has grown on all levels, there were always tensions in dressing rooms.
THE Sky Blues have been turfed out of the home dressing room at the Ricoh Arena and re-located to the away team changing area.
They took time out from their eagerly anticipated concerts at the LG Arena and NIA to launch the five-star dressing rooms at the NIA - part of the venue's PS26million redevelopment.
He said: "This would never have happened in the dressing rooms I came through because they were strong and predominantly English that would sort out things like this.
However, a horrible example of indecision under pressure led to Carl conceding in bizarre fashion when David Davis passed the ball back to him against Bristol City at Molineux, before he reportedly punched the tactics board in the dressing room at half-time during some heated exchanges and broke his hand.
The message was quickly followed up with another, reading, "We have officially named our dressing room after @AdamLevine ;)," acccompanied by a picture of the club's marquee that had been rearranged to read "ADAM LEVINE YOUR DRESSING ROOM IS READY.
The Manchester United manager has called on Premier League officials to introduce new rules regarding the size of dressing rooms after saying Everton's were 'unbelievably' narrow.
And the Scot has called on the Premier League to introduce new rules regarding the size of dressing rooms.
And after being given a guided tour of the new dressing rooms by chairman Freddy Shepherd, I have to say that's what they are ( five star.
Every afternoon when Ellen Robbins taught her classes for children, the halls and dressing rooms are filled with hops, skips and jumps.
The majority of us won't see the backstage amenities: roomy dressing rooms, elevators and wing space.
It is thought Clarke and Miles may have seen Rijkaard speak to Frisk briefly inside the reception area behind the glass partition ( while both were on their way to their respective dressing rooms ( and the Chelsea men jumped to conclusions.
Sometimes in dressing rooms a player leaves that is perceived to be a big name but by one player leaving it allows three or four other players' personalities to grow.
Though the floodlights at Hampton Road were working, the lights in the dressing rooms kept cutting out and Tuesday night's match was called off without a ball being kicked.
AN ARTIST has been called in to try to lift the ``jinx'' on one of the dressing rooms at the Millennium Stadium.