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So he will find no problems settling into the Boro dressing room, nor should the squad have any problems with him.
We were walking past the gated artists' area when we saw Kanye run out of his dressing room into the car," says a bemused fan.
Earlier Mallan had been involved in a dressing room fight with Kilsyth defender Martin Feenie after both were shown the red card.
One incident had Bloom lining the walls and ceiling of another dressing room with Hefty garbage bags; the retaliation was 50 car air fresheners strung all over her own room.
It was too dodgy to go into the dressing room --you can't put lives at risk.
Today Andrew Vicari, the 1995 European artist of the year, dubbed the highest-paid painter in the world, will paint a seven-foot-high blazing suns motif in the south dressing room.
I've given him and the senior players the responsibilty to get together and to make sure that the dressing room is run properly.
We're moving out of what used to be our dressing room and that will become Wasps' room," con-firmed Coventry boss Steven Pressley.
Kevin is a fantastic player but there is a lot of talent in the dressing room.
There was also a time in England when Rod Marsh, unhappy with a dismissal, slammed the dressing room door two or three times to make sure it was shut.
The character, the attitude and the mental strength in the dressing room especially.
But Strauss insisted: "My experience of the dressing room is that they have always that got on well and I don't think anything has happened to change that.
The players have kept going and kept believing and if we didn't have a good dressing room we'd have been down with Derby," Keane admitted.
Reina concedes there are differing dressing room opinions about the manager but insists there are no rifts.
SAMMY LEE last night blasted the players who claim there is unrest in Bolton dressing room.