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Synonyms for dresser

a person who dresses in a particular way

a wardrobe assistant for an actor

low table with mirror or mirrors where one sits while dressing or applying makeup

a cabinet with shelves

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Unfortunately, there are 29 million of these things that were sold, and the recall was ineffective in alerting consumers about the problem about the defective condition of the dresser.
In May 1917, Tom Dresser was serving as a private in the 7th Battalion The Green Howards in the Battle of Arras in northern France, when the call went up for a volunteer for a hazardous mission.
In a statement issued through spokeswoman Devon Ashbridge, county officials said they decided to settle because the amount paid to Dresser is less than "anticipated expenses to continue litigating the case and allows Lane County to focus its resources on providing services.
Chris Stephens and Eleri Davies have written a bilingual pamphlet - at 32 pages it is too small to be called a book - which is both a history of the dresser and a guide, lavishly illustrated with photographs and drawings.
El libro de Stewart se llama America, el de Dresser y Volpi, Mexico.
In The Art of Decorative Design (1862), Dresser stated: 'The designer's mind must be like the vital force of the plant ever developing itself into forms of beauty, yet while thus free to produce, still in all cases governed by unalterable laws; and in the action of the mind being controlled by rules we rejoice, and not mourn.
For further details call Dresser Inside Sales at 1-800-553-0750 or visit us at www.
But his birth gave Dresser and other scientists insights that will help them refine their efforts with their next endangered species cloning targets: among them tigers, giant pandas, bongos and the rusty spotted cat of Sri Lanka.
When compared with traditional dressers made with cemented diamond particles or reverse plated technologies, the new dresser lasts up to three times longer.
Dresser says she and her co-workers are now working with the embryos from exotic ctats to learn how to freeze them along with exotic cat sperm.
Although Dresser was born in Glasgow in 1834, his family originated from North Yorkshire.
Headquartered in Addison, TX, Dresser operates in more than 100 countries, delivering compression, flow technology, measurement and distribution infrastructure and services to customers in more than 150 countries.
According to manufacturer Jaycee Furniture of Nottingham, the Welsh dresser has returned to popularity across Britain.