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Synonyms for dressed

dressed or clothed especially in fine attire

treated with medications and protective covering

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(of lumber or stone) to trim and smooth


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Molly, therefore, having dressed herself out in this sack, with a new laced cap, and some other ornaments which Tom had given her, repairs to church with her fan in her hand the very next Sunday.
So it dresses in black coats and trousers, and black hats, and black boots, and, dear me, it is such a very respectable gentleman--to think it could ever have gone gadding about as a troubadour or a knight-errant, dressed in all those fancy colors
But they were dressed for a photographic studio, not for a river picnic.
Strangely enough, everything about it was shaggy, although so new and beautiful, and he sighed with contentment to realize that he could now be finely dressed and still be the shaggy man.
Meanwhile, Dorothy had dressed herself in a pretty gown of soft grey embroidered with silver, and put a blue-and-gold suit of satin upon little Button-Bright, who looked as sweet as a cherub in it.
She was all dressed and ready to come before she knew I was going to dress the same way.
The girls dressed me up for fun, and I rather like it.
I told you they dressed me up, but I didn't tell you that they powdered and squeezed and frizzled, and made me look like a fashion plate.
com With subtle lace and neon detailing this maxi can be easily dressed up or down with a simple change of accessories Figure fixer: A full skirt is perfect for skimming over thighs and nipping in at the waist Dress, [euro]32, F&F at Tesco; shoes, [euro]54, River Island A printed maxi with a gathered waist is a flattering fail-safe Maxi dress, [euro]37, Vila at Asos.
Whether you go for all-out look-at-me sparkle or you fancy something demure, our bumper party dress special rounds up the best of the high street to ensure that you're the best dressed guest at your festive bashes.
Suggestions for fundraising events include bagging shopping at a supermarket dressed in your frock, holding a wedding dress charity ball, or wearing your frock to work for the day.
Many adore them in all their myriad forms -- tossed with an array of assorted colored greens, multicolored vegetables or fruits, fish, meats or cheeses, and dressed with anything from vinaigrette and ranch to blue cheese and sun-dried tomato.
Eager to share the arena with these newly assertive dancers, he continues, "As long as she has that shawl, a woman is considered properly dressed for any of the festivities.
Dressed To Rule: Royal and Court Costume from Louis XIV to Elizabeth II By Philip Mansel Yale University Press, $35.
Principles' double layered appliqu dress, pounds 65, Coast's satin Genie dress, pounds 95, and Topshop's bead encrusted dress, pounds 40, can be dressed up with accessories for extra bling.